Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pentagon Memorial Prayer

Nellie Hasley
Anne Marie Joyce
Pentagon Memorial
Dear God,
        As we gather here today at the Pentagon Memorial, grant us the ability to reflect on all the fallen heroes who died on 9/11. Please protect the hundred eighty-four benches honoring the victims from the crash. Help us to gather our own thoughts and prays at the shallow reflecting pool of water to remember the lives lost that day. Please help us remember the hundred twenty-five benches that face the Pentagon which symbolize the lives lost from the crash into the Pentagon building. As we look at the fifty-nine benches and the names engraved on it, let us see the open sky as well. Please let us remember that the lost lives were not just people, they were part of a family who will never forget them. Help us remember and pray about the lives lost such a horrible way. Please pray for a safe environment and peace in the world so tragedies like this do not happen again.